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Composer/pianist in diverse styles

Pouya Hamidi is an award-winning composer, pianist, and sound engineer based in Toronto. Hamidi’s original music has been toured across Canada from the maritime provinces, to Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Internationally, his works have been performed in Italy at the Casalmaggiore festival. Hamidi has been interviewed and reviewed glowingly by BBC Persian, CBC, and Wholenotes magazine. His has been presented at the Ottawa International Chamber Festival, Toronto Summer Music Festival, and Tirgan Festival. 

Hamidi, having an undergraduate degree in composition and piano performance from University of Toronto, has a deep knowledge of traditional tonal theory, contemporary music theory (e.g.extended instrumental techniques), impressionism, and 12-tone language. He writes for varied instrumentations including orchestra, chamber ensemble, woodwind quintet, string quartet, and electro-acoustics. Hamidi’s music is influenced by a number of sources including the music of his country of origin: Iran, Western classical and contemporary music, alternative rock music, and electronic music. 

Ensembles performing Hamidi’s compositions include Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra, Concordia Laptop Orchestra, ICOT Symphony Orchestra, and Ladom Ensemble. Pouya’s music has been performed by exceptional performers such as Michael Bridge, Miriam Khalil, Zorana Zadiq, and Blythwood Winds. 

Hamidi is the co-founder and primary composer and arranger of the quartet, Ladom Ensemble, consisting of accordion, cello, piano, and percussion. They have toured extensively in Canada and released two full-length albums. 

Hamidi was a founding member of the composer collective, Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto, who created about 40 original works over the seven years he was with them. Hamidi has also scored for numerous films, some of which have gone to international film festivals (see IMDB for credits). 

Hamidi was awarded several scholarships, (e.g. theGreta Kraus Scholarship), during his undergraduate studies, and he has received first place winnings for composition in the Canadian Music Competition, Kiwanis Music Festival (for five subsequent years), and the Markham Music Festival.

List of Works

List of Performances


Ladom Ensemble

Ladom Ensemble combines piano, cello, accordion, and percussion in a unique blend of acoustic chamber and world music that is passionate, sophisticated, and wild. Their all-original repertoire incorporates inspirations from Argentinean tango, Serbian folk and dance traditions, Persian classical repertoire, as well as music from the Classical (Bach, Prokofiev), and progressive rock worlds (Radiohead).  Ladom doesn’t pretend to represent any one tradition, but rather expresses an authentically Canadian fusion. Ladom’s musical identity is combined from many sources and reflects a beautiful new world with a Western classical toolset. “Elegant and contemplative… rocking and fiery!” – Errol Nazareth, CBC


Moj is a duo music project by the Toronto composer and producer Pouya Hamidi and percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Adam Campbell. It is an exploration of Hamidi’s unique acoustic and electronic toolkit. The project moves through his knowledge and experience in film scoring, orchestral and operatic composition, sound recording, classical piano, traditional Persian music, “world” music, and electronic music. Synchronized lights accompany the duo’s live performance and make the experience visually and sonically integrated. Campbell recently joined the project, bringing his powerhouse acoustic kit drumming to the sounds. The music of Moj reflects the contemporary clash of organic with industrial.